Products: Laboratory work benches

The key component of a laboratory is the laboratory work bench (laboratory counter). The laboratory bench, which consists of a worktop and substructure or under-bench cupboards, is the most important piece of furniture. The right choice and quality of the worktop are crucial to the longevity and solidity of the laboratory bench, of the furniture, as well as of the entire laboratory.


One of our major concerns is certainly the design of laboratory benches (laboratory counters). They are characterised by solidity and stability.


GIMlab® benches are made in accordance with HRN EN 13150.


The standard heights:

  • 900mm for work done in standing position
  • 750mm for work done in sitting position.
Laboratory benches

Laboratory benches with supporting structure: a special emphasis has been put on the steel substructure and additions. One of the distinguishing features of our laboratory furniture is a particularly massive and solid Z-shaped leg, which provides GIMlab® laboratories with a recognizable style and charm. Our supply includes cupboard and drawer units on wheels, as an addition to be mounted under the bench.

Laboratory work benches with under-bench units: bench with fixed cupboard or drawer units. The wooden parts of the laboratory furniture are made of moisture-proof chipboard, and the edges are protected by ABS Tape.

Laboratory work benches with additions: laboratory benches with two rows of metal shelves and a supply bridge (power, water, gas or other).