Products: Fume cupboards

DIGIM™ metal fume cupboards make the very top of the GIMlab® laboratory furniture supply. The top-quality materials are specially adapted and protected. The increased resistance to a range of different chemicals quarantee longevity of DIGIM™ fume cupboards. We would like to single out the fume cupboard with AFM™ technology (processor-run air flow control).


All fume cupboards are manufactured in accordance with the new HRN EN 14175-2 norm and they meet the requirements of HRN D.E2.104. and HRN D.E2.105.


Fume cupboards are classified according to their design and shape:

  • Bench mounted fume cupboards (DIGIM-9™)
  • General purpose fume cupboards (DIGIM-12™, DIGIM-15™, DIGIM-18™)
  • Special purpose fume cupboards (DIGIM-12 S™, DIGIM-15 S™, DIGIM-18 S™)
  • Low level fume cupboards (DIGIM-12 NP™, DIGIM-15 NP™, DIGIM-18 NP™)
  • Walk-in fume cupboards (DIGIM-12 BP™, DIGIM-15 BP™, DIGIM-18 BP™)
  • Suction arms and fume hoods.


Fume cupboards meet strict EU standards and guidelines as well as all essential safety and health requirements. Accordingly, they bear the "CE" marking (French "Conformité Européene") of the manufacturer.

CE Marking
Fume cupboards