Designing: Designing, servicing and customer service

The first and also crucial step in equipping a laboratory is designing it. Since designing a laboratory is a complex and demanding task GIMlab Ltd. company offers its services to all prospective customers. You are welcome to visit our website for models and fully equipped laboratories.


In cooperation with users, we make designs and detailed 2D and 3D pictures. Concerning our long experience, you have every reason to have complete confidence in us.

Designing - groundplan


There is a possibility of departing from standard measures with the purpose of the optimum use of the available space. Due to special features and a great number of GIMlab® laboratory components as well as its particular design, we are ready to answer all the questions that you may have, either directly from our company or through our authorised distributors and representatives.


Laboratories are designed in accordance with EN 14056.

Designing - 3D Representation